Antarctic Gallery Images

Scott in the antarctic

Terra-nova leaves Cardiff-bay

December 13 1911. Photographed by Captain Scott, Henry Bowers sledge party struggle to pull their sledge up the Beardmore Glacier Photo: Richard Kossow 2011

The haunting photographs, taken by the surgeon Reginald Koettlitz as he assisted Scotts polar expedition, show the Terra Nova schrouded in snow. Picture: David Rose

Reginald Koettlitz, took this picture of one of the antarctic camps, the pennant can be seen in more detail in the article. Picture: David Rose

Terra Nova off Barne Glacier 1884 Picture: David Rose

The Terra Nova moored in Cardiff

The Discovery moored in Cardiff Bay. Left to right - Edward Wilson, Ernest Shackleton, Albert Armitage, Michael Barne, Reginald Koettlitz, Reginald Skelton, Robert Scott, Charles Royds, Louis Bernacchi, Hartley Ferrar, Thomas Hodgson